Network of Health Related
Organisations of Mongolia

What we aspire to happen.

Through open discussion between Healthcare Professionals, NGOs, and all other organisations with an interest in Healthcare in Mongolia, there can be a realistic appraisal of what is actually happening, together with a practical wish-list for the future.

Idylic life

This is an opportunity to get together with people with many different points of view. Everybody can learn from this. All Healthcare is dependent on being able to provide services. Either services are given by volunteers, or money is needed. Money usually comes from politics, religion or philanthropists. With cooperation, each concept can help the other.

Mongolia has been having a great political and economic transition. This will continue for several years. Other cultures may have different ideas of how to plan for the future, but any good ideas can only work with Local Knowledge. Cooperation between those with experience in their own fields is essential. Each can listen and learn from the other.

We all learn from our own experiences. But all experiences are better if they are shared. We never finish learning, so to hear of others experiences helps us all to build a bigger picture.

It also helps to build cooperation and friendships. Cooperation is better than competition.

The meetings and the website create the opportunity to make the necessary contacts, to share ideas and information and to inspire solutions to some of the challenges we face in our work for improvement of the health care system in Mongolia.